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We host a range of different meditation and yoga events and workshops. We're always open to new opportunities and trying something different.

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Our events, include different types yoga, sound journeys (Yoga Nada) and meditations (Yoga Nidra).

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About our Yoga Events

Why Add Yoga and Meditation to Your Event?

More and more people are including yoga and meditation as a part of their special occasions.

The power of this stunning practice is the perfect additional to meaningful events that form a part of our lives.

From bridal and baby showers, to birthday celebrations, family occasions, as well as special corporate mid and end year resets, we’ve done them all.

We know the benefits of yoga and meditation on personal wellbeing. When they are incorporated into a group setting it creates a uniquely shared journey into a collective wellbeing of each others mental, emotional and physical health.

Nurture and discipline, accountability, fun & play, bliss & joy, rest and relaxation create deep peace and contentment.

Event Gallery

Explore some of the events we’ve done in the past. We’ve been fortunate to hold space in some gorgeous environments like Fynn Studio in Parktown North and James and Ethel Gray Park.

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yoga event gallery
yoga event gallery
yoga event gallery

Experience the power of yoga, meditation and mindfulness with one of our incredible events. Whether you're looking for yoga workshops, meditation events or a combination, we're be happy to help.

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