aerial yoga

Aerial yoga is a unique combination of yoga and aerial silks.

Types of Classes:

At Asana Tribe we offer three different Aerial styles. Each appeals to different yogis and our mixed-level classes are suitable for beginner and advanced students.

Aerial Yoga

Our aerial classes are powered by high and playful energy (think about the last time you climbed a tree and just got to hang). Fly, let go and experience the world in a new way.

aerial vinyasa

Aerial Vinyasa

With Aerial Vinyasa, we focus on bringing things down to the mat. We use the aerial hammock as an assisted prop to move into and explore poses as we know them traditionally.

Restorative Aerial

In our Restorative Aerial yoga classes, we create an incredibly gentle and restorative practice, allowing you to feel held and cocooned in self-generated support.

what is aerial yoga

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is also known as

  • Air Yoga,
  • Anti-gravity yoga
  • Suspension yoga
  • Hammock yoga
  • Flying yoga
  • Fly yoga 
This form of fitness combines aerial arts, aerial acrobatics and aerial dance with yoga. It is great for building upper body strength, strengthening your core, increasing flexibility and so much more. The range of aerial yoga poses allows something other yoga doesn’t.
The practice allows you to connect with your inner child, embrace playfulness and let go in a way we rarely do. By handing upside down with the support of the hammock, we rid our body of toxins, rejuvinate the body and view life in a new way.

Aerial Vinyasa

Aerial Vinyasa was designed to allow yogis to extend their Vinyasa or Hatha practice with the help of aerial silks. 

Here you can experience yoga in a whole new way. This seamless combination of both styles allows for the best of both. 

Yogis who can’t practice aerial yoga due to contraindications can even explore aerial vinyasa.

This is because many of the contraindications are not relevant in an aerial-assisted ground flow. 

In this yoga style, our teachers combine aerial poses with Vinyasa and Hatha asanas.

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Restorative Aerial Yoga

A restorative yoga class is a great way to connect with your soul and your body. With the aerial hammock as a prop, you’ll feel completely safe and secure.

Restorative yoga is a gentle and soothing modality in the yoga and meditation practices. It makes use of all props from blocks to bolsters and now hammocks!

Press that rest and digest button as you reset your nervous system and enjoy deep relaxation.

In this practice, the aerial hammocks hang low. This allows the use of both the ground and the hammock to create unparalled comfort.


Whether totally flying in the air, solid on the ground and reaching for the sky or restoratively floating just above the floor like a low-hanging cloud, air yoga has many wonderful advantages and benefits.

benefits of aerial yoga
aerial yoga hammock

Aerial Yoga Hammock

The main prop you need for fly yoga is a yoga hammock. Made of the same material as aerial silks, an aerial hammock is designed to support your body weight and allow you to practice aerial activities. 

Aerial yoga swings come in all different colours, and you can even find some beautiful patterned and tie dye ones (however, they are a little pricier). 

Our studio has a collection of yoga hammocks for rental as well as sources where you can buy your own hammock as well as other aerial fitness gear.

Aerial Yoga Contraindications

aerial yoga contraindications

Air Yoga Side Effects

Side effects of this practice may include feelings of exhilaration and ecstasy, election, and increased energy.

It is also normal to feel dizzy, disoriented and nauseous. In this practice, you literally turn everything upside down. 

But your body gets used to all the sensations over time. We encourage students to come back because, while air yoga doesn’t get easier, it gets better.

Despite all the precautions and safety methods we put in place, aerial yoga is an extreme and dangerous practice. We do everything we can to keep it safe, but you need to be cautious when practicing aerial yoga.

Kathryn Donoghue

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