about asana tribe

We are Asana Tribe, you and I.

Individuals here on this earth, navigating it as best we can.

We use the ancient practice of Yoga and Meditation to move through the layers of our well-being. We transcend through the physical, mental, and emotional. 

Through this, we cultivate contentment and bring much-needed peace into our lives, a brief respite that is so necessary in this modern world. 


In gratitude, we honor this ancient healing modality.

Yoga provides an opportunity for us to meet ourselves. Through this ancient practice, we discover an inner self that is open to creativity and authentic expression. It gives us the rare chance to create space, allowing us to share our light with the world!

hatha yoga

What Can You Expect?

A commitment to each other, a judgement-free space to work the process. To understand what we are doing and why. To meet the practice with the intention to implement what we learn and to make this a priority.

A safe space.

A brave space.

A space to move through the physical, mental and emotional layers as we navigate the human experience.

Here we cultivate contentment and self awareness.

Meet our yoga teachers

Our teachers are dedicated yogis who love sharing yoga with students. They’ve studied a variety of styles to give you a unique experience.

sabrina balanco yoga teacher

Sabrina Balanco

Sabrina, has been teaching since the sweet year 2016, after having her teacher training on the beautiful island of Koh Tao. She has also been hosting meditation and sound healing since 2019. She is grateful to be able to share the gift of this practice and lifestyle as it has transformed her life and mental health.

Her teachings are filled with a gentle strength, focused guidance and a vulnerable calm that can be felt in her classes. Humorous, fun, kind and compassionate, she loves to get everyone relaxed into their practice, whether starting out on this journey or deepening into it, continuously learning and sharing.

What is getting in the way of you showing up for yourself?

“forever a student, 

forever a teacher, 

forever a yogi”

char smith yoga teacher

Charté Smith

Charte, also known as Char. Started her yoga journey in 2019 after a traumatic loss. She began her journey wanting to heal and finally found her love within the practice of yoga and wanted to expand her knowledge and grow.

Char has been teaching for 5 years specializing in conditioning, yoga, aerial yoga and aerial dance hammock. She continued to study other elements of yoga and healing to help motivate others and make a difference. She believes people deserve the healing and knowledge that she was taught. She loves learning from her students as well.

Chars teachings offers a safe space for vulnerability and healing. Releasing stagnant energy within the body and also strength and fitness. She encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and see what the body, mind, and spirit are capable of. Char is motivating, energetic, a soft spirit, filled with so much love to share. She is a hugger and nurturer. Her arms are open to anyone who needs a squish!

“It’s okay to be scared, being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave. So, act like a the person you want to become!”

“Welcome change,
We learn from one another,
Get to know your beautiful self,
Let’s heal together”

kathryn donoghue yoga teacher

Kathryn Donoghue

Kathryn started yoga as a way to ease her anxiety and depression. She began her yoga journey with restorative yoga before moving into yin yoga, vinyasa, and ashtanga.

She discovered Aerial Yoga in 2021 and fell in love. Since then, she’s done her hatha yoga teacher training, restorative teacher training and, of course, her Air and Aerial yoga teacher training. Yoga started as a way for her to heal her mind but now she also uses it to connect with her body and feed her soul.

Her classes invite vulnerability, bravery and compassion towards yourself and others. Her passion lies with slow flows, aerial yoga and strengthening the mind alongside the body.

“Be Curious

Be Kind

Be Gentle”

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The Bhagavad Gita

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