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Emotional Intelligence and Confronting Reality with Response-Ability

June’s energy brings a focus on emotional intelligence and the courage to confront the harsh realities we face in life. We are being called to embrace our response-ability and the integrity it demands as we navigate the cause-and-effect dynamics of our own karmic mirroring.

The clarity of our past actions becomes mentally apparent, urging us to gain deeper understanding.

Welcoming Introspection

During this introspective time of the year, we may feel a sense of slowing down and introversion. It is an opportunity to establish a softer connection with our inner emotional realities, letting go of attachments and trusting the flow of life.

Divine guidance and harmonic perfection may elude our rational minds. But it is essential to be clear and responsible in our thinking, communication, and choice of words, even if it feels like trying to grasp water.

Facing The Cosmic Mirror

It’s also about the cosmic mirror between ego and Soul. We find ourselves reconciling our mind with the ethereal whispers of our soul. The potent longings of our hearts, and unfulfilled dreams and visions of heavenly waters.

It’s no easy task to navigate between what seems like two eternal opposites. However, surrendering into not-knowing, not-understanding, and finding peace with the flow, overwhelm, or stillness of things is also a potential path.

By doing so, we open ourselves up to hear those spirited whispers and deeper knowing. We allow ourselves to truly connect and live our purpose.

emotional intelligence

The Power of Communication

Communication plays a vital role in this process. The New lunar cycle brings a lot of mental freshness, unveiling many new perspectives and activating neural pathways that seek activation. It’s an opportunity to unify what once seemed irreconcilable.

As we surrender our outworn perceptions, thought circuits, and self-talk back to Neptune for forgiveness and peace, we create space for new understandings and expanded consciousness.

Self-Reflection, Balancing Reality and Dreams

Through self-reflection, balancing reality and dreams, and letting go of the need for constant achievement, we can navigate this transformative journey with greater equanimity. Embrace the dance between ego and Soul, surrender to the cosmic flow, and open yourself to the wisdom and guidance that unfolds.

In this process, we cultivate emotional intelligence, deepen self-awareness, and align with the cosmic currents of growth and self-discovery. Communication plays a vital role in this process.

Embracing Reconciliation

The clash between our emotions and thoughts calls for reconciliation. Can we take ownership of avoided feelings towards ourselves and others? Can we strike a balance between facing reality and staying connected to our dreams? Can we release the need to constantly achieve or make progress and find equanimity?

self reflection and response ability

Practices to Aid Your Reflection

Besides the beautiful practices of yoga and meditation, you can also explore these reflections by engaging in the following practices:


Ask yourself if there is something in your life—a job, a relationship, or a mindset—that you would start over if given the chance. Envision the future that might emerge from this fresh start.

More Self-Reflection:

Take a moment to ask yourself, “Can I own up to any feelings about myself – or others – that I’ve been avoiding?” This introspective inquiry allows you to acknowledge and embrace your emotions with honesty and courage.

Balancing Reality and Dreams:

Consider finding a harmonious balance between facing reality and staying connected to your dreams. Reflect on the ways in which you can navigate the challenges of life while nurturing your aspirations and maintaining a sense of hope.

Boundless Creativity:

Tap into your dreams without limiting the possibilities. Explore what you can create or envision without boundaries.

Letting Go of the Need for Constant Achievement:

Can you release the pressure to constantly achieve or make progress? Explore the possibility of taking a step back and allowing yourself to rest, recharge, and find contentment in the present moment. Sometimes, the most profound growth comes from surrendering the need for immediate outcomes.

Playful Joy:

Recall the last time you engaged in something that felt like play or brought you sheer joy. Allow yourself to get lost in that experience again.

creating clear intentions

Creating Clear Intentions

By embracing your creativity and setting clear intentions during this time, you can plant seeds for a brighter future. Trust the supportive energy available now to help manifest your dreams into reality. Remember that being a student of life means staying open to surprises that can propel your growth.

Incorporate practices of mindfulness and awareness of impermanence (annica) to find equanimity. Cultivate self-compassion, observe your thoughts and emotions without judgment, and nurture a sense of acceptance and detachment.

As you navigate the challenges of confronting reality, may you find inner strength and clarity, ultimately leading to growth, transformation, and the realisation of your dreams.

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