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The Power of Vibrations – Shifting Your Internal Dialogue

Understanding the power of vibrations can be a useful tool for navigating both your internal and external world. With every breath you take, you are vibrating and producing energy.

Everything in the universe is made up of molecules vibrating at different speeds. This includes trees, bodies, rocks, animals, thoughts, and emotions.

Human vibrations are composed of everything from physical matter to the way you communicate the thoughts you think. In simple terms, some molecules vibrate faster, and some vibrate slower; there are higher vibrations and lower vibrations.

Everything in life is vibration. –Albert Einstein

Negative Vibrations vs. Positive Vibrations

The easiest way to identify a negative vibration is to be aware of when and how we feel resistance within ourselves. Positive vibrations make us feel at ease, while negative vibrations can make us feel doubtful, worried, and anxious. We also often pick up on energies that don’t belong to us.

If we begin to identify these energies as a part of who we are, we can feel stuck in a low vibrational state. We all need to let go of this resistance and live in accordance with our sense of inner peace.

Sounds, words, and thoughts are vibrations and frequencies that move through the body and the living moment and can be directed to yourself or at someone. Every single cell in your body contains molecules that vibrate in their own way.

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Shifting Your Internal Vibrations

Shifting the tone of your internal dialogue is key. Pay attention to what you are telling yourself. Your mind and body will respond to the vibration of your thought patterns. Switching the tone to sound positive as you speak to yourself will cause an immediate shift in your vibration.

For example, practice saying these statements to yourself: “I know this is happening for me, not against me – there must be value in it!” “I am grateful for this challenging experience.” “I believe this is happening for good.” These are all great positive affirmations to use during a yoga class.

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