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Aerial Yoga Hammocks | Where To Buy in South Africa

Curious about where to buy Aerial Yoga Hammocks in South Africa? We’ve created this blog post to give you all the info you need to buy your own hammock in SA.

With Aerial Yoga, you need more than just a yoga mat. You’ll also need an aerial hammock. While most studios have their own hammocks for you to use, there’s nothing quite like having a hammock just for you. Plus, buying your own hammock allows you to practice anywhere you can rig the hammock.

Buy Aerial Yoga Hammocks Online

If you want to buy your own Aerial Yoga Hammock, here are some of the best places to buy one from South Africa.


There are currently two different distributors that sell aerial yoga hammocks on Takealot.

Olive Tree and Miui. To see what’s currently available, all you need to do is type “Aerial Yoga Hammock” in the Takealot search bar.

Here are some of the hammocks currently available:

Sabrina and I have tested hammocks from both suppliers, which are of stunning quality.

Aerial Fitness Factory

I have a hammock from Aerial Fitness Factory, and it’s incredible. They are more expensive than Takealot, but the hammocks are of better quality (ideal for dedicated aerial yogis).

They are slightly thicker, wider, and significantly longer than the Takealot and Amazon options.

Billy the Bee

Billy the Bee is a local online yoga shop. They have an aerial yoga hammock set that includes almost everything you need. At the time of writing, they have three different colors available. I haven’t got first-hand experience with these hammocks, but Billy the Bee is known for their quality products. They also stock yoga clothing that’s suitable for aerial!

Just note that the set doesn’t include o-slings.


There are so many options on Amazon. They ship to SA, but the shipping can be a bit pricey. A way to bypass this is to send the hammock back with someone who travels often. My mom is in and out of the country often, so if I need anything aerial yoga related, I usually send it to her, and she brings it back.

Sabrina and I both have hammocks from Amazon. The supplier we bought from is Aum Active. They have an impressive range of colors, and the quality is fantastic. They are similar to the Takealot options.

I’d recommend checking out the customer reviews if you’re looking at other Amazon options.

aerial yoga hammocks south africa

Aerial Hammock Buyers Guide

You need to look for some key things when buying an aerial hammock. I’ll give you a breakdown of all the factors you should consider. A hammock may have a lower price, but you might miss out on the necessary accessories.

You want your hammock to be able to support you in all the different aerial yoga poses. So these factors are super important.

Ideally, you’ll need the following when you buy a hammock:

  • 2 Carabiners
  • Set of Daisy Chains
  • 2 Chokes/ O slings
  • Hammock made of Nylon Tricot


The ideal length of your aerial hammock should be between 3.9 and 6 meters long. The places you practice will also determine the size of the hammock you need.

The ideal width is 2.8 meters wide, but it’s alright if it’s more than that.

O-Slings/ Chokes

O-slings or chokes are one of the things that I consider essential, but they’re not included in all aerial hammock options. They are little round slings that are used to tie the hammock.

These slings make adjusting the length of your hammock so much easier. And you don’t have to take them off when you wash the material.

Denier (Thickness)

The denier of the fabric will determine how strong it is. It should be around 40 Denier. A little less is fine as well, though.

Also, check that the Nylon Tricot is low stretch.


The Carabiners are what clip your hammock up, making them essential. They need a loading capacity of about 5500 lbs and a screw to lock them in place (for safety).

Daisy Chains

Daisy Chains allow you to rig your hammock. They are ideal if you want to rig your hammock up at home (or in a tree when you go on holiday). They also allow you to extend your hammock to make it longer.

Daisy chains usually hold about 660 lbs, which will differ depending on the type.


Some hammocks will also come with rigging equipment. If you’re planning to hang up your hammock at home, you might want to choose a hammock that comes with rigging. But if you’re planning to use your hammock to attend classes, you don’t need to worry about this.

Safe Load

We’d recommend checking how much the safe loading limit of the hammock is. Ideally, this should be around 200 kg.

south africa aerial yoga hammock

Do I Need My Own Aerial Hammock?

I love having my own hammock (I actually have two! One for teaching and one for my own practice). It’s like having your own yoga mat, except even better. You can also ensure it’s adjusted to your ideal height, which is always a plus.

Most studios have hammocks available for aerial classes, so buying your own isn’t a necessity. But some yogi’s prefer to have their own.

Know Any More Places?

Please contact us if you’d like more information or want assistance choosing a hammock. We’d be happy to help you out.

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