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Meet Kathryn Donoghue | Restorative, Yin & Aerial Yoga Teacher

Kathryn Donoghue is a restorative, yin and aerial yoga teacher who is obsessed with being upside down. She loves flipping, flowing and finding more ways to connect with herself. But she also values slowing down, being still and letting ease ripple through her body.

Kathryn’s Yoga Journey

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She’s been practicing yoga weekly (sometimes daily) for six years, and it has been an incredibly powerful tool on her anxiety and depression journey. It has helped her understand both her mind and body better, building her confidence and strengthening her connection to self.

Kathryn attended her first yoga class in 2017. It took a while for her mom to finally drag her to a class, but Kat is notoriously stubborn (she’s an Aries). She started with restorative yoga and quickly fell in love with it. She spent the next year only doing restorative before she tried out yin yoga (and, once again, fell in love).

It took a little more time before she tried her first Hatha and Vinyasa classes, and now they are a regular part of her practice. She first flew into a hammock at the end of 2021 and hasn’t looked back. She started going to weekly aerial classes, and it was the final push she needed to dive into teaching.

Why they Practice

While Kathryn started yoga as a way to better manage her general anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder, it has become so much more than that. Now, she uses the practice as a way to strengthen her body, calm her mind and work on her social skills.

Yoga has become a huge part of her life, taking the practice off the mat and into her daily life.

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Favorite Styles

Kathryn isn’t into fast-paced, sweaty yoga, she prefers slow flows and gentle, intentional movement. She loves restorative, yin and aerial yoga and loves Ashtanga-inspired flows. By far, her favorite yoga is aerial, both to teach and to practice.

Kathryn’s Yoga Teacher Training

Kathryn began her yoga training in 2021 with an aerial yoga-inspired training. She did this training with Sabrina and Mel at a studio in Johannesburg. That experience lit a fire in her, and she decided she wanted to learn more and become a fully qualified yoga teacher. She then embarked on a journey to learn as much as possible, doing a variety of different trainings.

She has completed the following teacher trainings:

  • Certified Yoga Instructor (200HR) with Trifocus Fitness Academy
  • 200HR YTT with Bodsphere
  • 50HR Air Yoga Teacher Training with Wayne Flemming and The Yoga Republic
  • 50HR Aerial Yoga Level 1 with CamiYogaAir
  • 60HR Yin Yoga with Bodsphere
  • 50HR Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Sandton Yoga Lounge
  • 50HR Yoga Nidra Training with Bodsphere
  • Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Peaceful Babes

Kathryn’s Yoga Teacher Experience

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Kathryn only began teaching in 2022 and has taught community classes at a couple of studios before joining Asana Tribe at the end of 2022. She’s taught aerial yoga for kids, aerial yin, aerial restorative, aerial, yin and hatha classes.

She’s been teaching with Asana Tribe since February 2023.

Kathryn’s Teaching Styles

Kathryn teaches the following styles of yoga:

Ideal Yoga Week

Kathryn’s Ideal Yoga Week consists of the following:

1 x Vinyasa/ Hatha

1 x Restorative

1 x Yin

2 x Aerial Yoga

Outside of Yoga

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When not doing yoga, Kathryn works as an SEO Specialist, copywriter and web developer. She currently runs her own freelance business and is responsible for creating the Asana Tribe website. She’s always learning new things, pushing herself and challenging her brain.

In her free time, she’s obsessed with paint by numbers, reading everything she can get her hands on, gaming, building puzzles and keeping her mind (and hands) busy.

She loves making lists, dancing, singing loudly, being comfy and watching F1 on a Sunday.

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Fun Facts About Kathryn

  • Kathryn has two cats named Hollow and Loki, and she spends all her free time cuddling them.
  • Kat, Sabrina and Mel all completed their Air Yoga teacher training together in 2022.
  • She has three personal aerial yoga hammocks.
  • Kathryn wears a lot of black, but she’s trying to bring in a little color every now and then
  • Her favorite music styles fall into the alternative genre. Her favorite band is Bring Me The Horizon, and she was lucky enough to go see them live in 2023.
  • Kathryn uses Tarot Cards to aid her in making big decisions
  • She runs her own anxiety blog called The Art of Anxiety

Learn More About Asana Tribe

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If you want to discover more about Kat, you can attend one of her yoga classes or reach out to us.

You can also follow her online:

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